Self-Publishing Horrors

Horrors of Self-Publishing

I honestly had no idea how misunderstood the concept of Christian Wicca could be and would become when my first book came out in July 2003. Self-publishing alone is a nightmare. I sent a few packages out to publishing companies, but mostly I wanted to practice Wicca.

In addition, I ran an occult shoppe and enjoyed all aspects of magickal spirituality with my local coven. I didn't really set out to be an author but instead, I tried to fill the need for individuals who were serious about Wicca, was not interested in the church, but had no desire to work with deities outside of the Christian Pantheon.

When I received my first draft, I realized that any type corrections were $50 apiece. By the end of the first section, I could correct my typos or else take a 2-month trip to Europe! I could not afford the trip to Europe nor the corrections. I thought most people could read past the typos and get the message. I know I had found plenty of mistakes in books released by large publishing companies. Anyway, I simply could not afford a re-write.

The luxury of an editor, publicist, and marketing is a grand thing. I assure you; to do it on your own is far more difficult than most armchair critics/scholars seem to think. Back in those initial days of self-publishing, I wasn't even allowed to put an index in my book: I could not believe the ill reviews I got for that factor alone! However, self-publishing has become the way of the future, especially for authors like me who are willing and ready to take on subjects most publishers would consider taboo.

Please support your independent authors!

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